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    1st Int. Surf Jam Aglou, Marokko

    The first international Surf Jam took place at Aglou Plage, Tiznit, Morocco on Feb, 19th 2012. 15 moroccan and 15 european surfer charge for the "Aglou Surf Jam-pion" in three different categories - beginners to advanced.

    "It was not the easiest surf out there - some side-onshore wind blew most of the waves and it was hard to find the take-off spot but hey, it was heaps of fun - it was my first contest and a great experience to surf together with our european friends"

    says Karim, a local surfer from Tiznit, after coming back from the advanced-competition's Grand Final.

    1st Internat. Surf Jam, Aglou Beach.

    The Event

    Thirty contestants, three competition-categories, twelve heats, five judges, a DJ, about twohundred spectators and eight hours of surfing, music and party!
    For the first time in history, Aglou Plage near Tiznit, Morocco, hosted a surfing competition:

    Amanellah, Vice President of Association Tiznit Surf:

    "Believe me, it was very hard to convince the mayor of supporting this event in the first place. We are the first to try this here and most people don't know about surfing yet so they tend to have prejudices. But finally we could make all this happen and demonstrated that surfing is a whole different story. Together with our european friends from Camino Surf we showed that surfing perfectly overcomes all social, racial and cultural boundaries and on top of it: It's healthy and heaps of fun!"

    He smiles, puts on the red Lycra the Beach-Marshal just gave him and rubs wax on his surfboard - when suddenly an ear-battering whistle signals the start of the next heat.


    The Idea

    Unlike many of the Pro-Surfing-Contests, the Aglou Surf Jam was not about product placement, marketing and big price money. No.
    The idea was to bring together moroccan and european surfers to share a day of fun on the beach, provide first contest-experience to attendants and organizers alike and draw broad public attention to the sport of surfing.

    Surfing in Aglou is still very much in its infancy with a very small local crowd appreciating the joys and thrills of waveriding to day. It wasn't until March 2011 for the local Association Tiznit Surf (ATS) to be founded. But soon, more and more interested folks joined in and by now ATS counts more than 25 members.

    For Camino Surf it is the first year in Aglou and the third year in Morocco. Situated in the pretty busy Taghazoute/Tamrakht area until 2011, the Camino crew decided to turn their backs on overcrowded line-ups and went south to search for waves. They were lucky to find Aglou Plage with its layed-back atmosphere and its very friendly locals.


    The Contest

    The contest consists of three competitions: beginners, intermediates and advanced. There are ten people per competition surfing two heats with five people each, a small final and the Grand Final. Every heat takes 15min where the surfers try to catch a maximum of ten waves which are rated by five judges on a scale from 0 - 10.

    Beginner Intermediate Advanced
    Fatmzahra Abdellah Antsch
    Youness Ahmed Kümi
    Hassan Yassin Karim
    Chris Michel Abderrahmane
    Nina Christoph Mohammed
    Mario Ander Ziri
    Michi Jens Amanellah
    Elke Robert Swen
    Moustapha Amine Vik
    Abdelmajid Ârab Erdal

    In every heat, the best two waves of every surfer are summed up by every judge. The head-judge then eliminates the highest and lowest judge-scores, sums up the scores of the three remaining judges and determines the ranking. After each heat, the three best surfers advance to the Grand Final whereas the two other surfers compete again in the small final.

    Find all results, points and rankings further down.



    Aglou Beach, high noon: The beach-marshall is passing out the differently colored Lycras to the contestants of the first two beginner-heats. DJ Serhane makes the final call for all riders to come to the judging-table.
    The first heat started off with an exciting neck-and-neck race between Youness, Hassan and Nina from which Youness emerged victorious after scoring a 9.0 in the last five minutes of the heat.

    The second heat was quite close as well - this time with Elke relegating her competitors to the fringe and entering, together with Moustapha and Mario, the Grand Final.

    With only 2 points advance, and 41.5 points in total, Nina could decide the Grand Final to her favor, leaving Hassan and Elke on second and third place respectively. The small final led to a tie between Abdelmajid and Chris, sharing first place with both scoring 28.5 points.

    Heat 1 - 12:20

    Heat 2 - 12:50

    Surfer Score Ranking
    Youness 36.0 1
    Hassan 32.5 2
    Nina 32.5 2
    Chris 28.0 4
    Fatmzahra 27.0 5
    Surfer Score Ranking
    Elke 39.5 1
    Mario 37.0 2
    Moustapha 33.0 3
    Abdelmajid 30.5 4
    Michi 27.5 5

    Small Final - 14:15

    Grand Final - 14:35

    Surfer Score Ranking
    Abdelmajid 28.5 1
    Chris 28.5 1
    Michi 28.0 3
    Fatmzahra 24.0 4
    Surfer Score Ranking
    Nina 41.5 1
    Hassan 39.5 2
    Elke 37.0 3
    Youness 35.0 4
    Moustapha 35.0 4
    Mario 30.5 6



    With the starting time set to 15:00, the wind increasing in strength and the tide sucking out, the Intermediate surfers found everything but perfect conditions for their heats.
    However, Ander managed to find a few gems in this bumpy soup and scored a perfect 10.0 with a close-to-perfect parallel-ride, pushing himself with no less than 20 points headstart into the Grand Final together with Robert and Jens.

    The second heat was much closer with Christoph taking the lead with just 1.5 points advance before Ahmed.

    The Grand Final of the intermediates was dogged by bad luck as the wind increased, destroying most of the already pretty mushy and short-perioded waves, leaving not much surf for the contestants.
    The riders tried to deal with these hard conditions and especially Christoph could score some rides of a "high artistic level" - with pirouettes and telemarks - placing himself on top of the podium.

    Heat 1 - 15:00

    Heat 2 - 15:20

    Surfer Score Ranking
    Christoph 39.5 1
    Ahmed 38.0 2
    Michel 32.5 3
    Yassin 32.0 4
    Surfer Score Ranking
    Ander 47.0 1
    Robert 27.0 2
    Jens 24.5 3
    Amine 23.5 4
    Ârab 19.0 5

    Small Final - 15:45

    Grand Final - 16:05

    Surfer Score Ranking
    Yassin 20.5 1
    Michel 18.5 2
    Amine 17.5 3
    Ârab injured 4
    Surfer Score Ranking
    Christoph 41.5 1
    Ahmed 38.0 2
    Ander 34.0 3
    Jens 29.0 4
    Robert 23.0 5



    The first heats of the event were dedicated to the advanced competitors. Setting off at 10:45 with the first heat, the riders did face medium-to-ok-conditions. Slight side-shore winds and a pretty low-perioded northwesterly swell did not allow for the surfers to fully relish the waves. However, Kümi could take-off on some good ones, scoring 34.0 points and taking it to the Grand Final together with Karim and Abderrahmane.

    The second heat was dominated by Ziri - a local surfer ripping most of the waves that came through, although Amanellah could score some nice ones as well, reducing Ziri's lead down to four points. Swen, a bit behind, through dominating Vik and Erdal, did enter the Grand Final as well.

    During the Grand Final, Kümi and Ziri matched it out in a very tight race. In the end, by the narrowest possible margin of 0.5 points, Ziri could decide the heat in his favour, sharing the podium with Kümi on second, and Karim on third place.
    The small final was won by Mohammed with a 5 point lead to second placed Antsch.

    Heat 1 - 10:45

    Heat 2 - 11:05

    Surfer Score Ranking
    Kümi 34.0 1
    Karim 29.0 2
    Abderrahmane 26.5 3
    Mohammed 24.5 4
    Antsch 18.0 5
    Surfer Score Ranking
    Ziri 36.5 1
    Amanellah 32.5 2
    Swen 22.5 3
    Erdal 21.5 4
    Vik 19.5 5

    Small Final - 11:35

    Grand Final - 12:00

    Surfer Score Ranking
    Mohammed 38.0 1
    Antsch 33.0 2
    Vik 26.5 3
    Erdal 13.0 4
    Surfer Score Ranking
    Ziri 39.5 1
    Kümi 39.0 2
    Karim 34.0 3
    Abderrahmane 25.0 4
    Swen 23.5 5
    Amanellah 13.5 6

    - Thanks to everybody for making this event as cool and fun as it was!
    - Thanks to the city of Tiznit for providing the infrastructure!
    - Thanks to DJ Serhane for bringing contest-atmosphere to the venue!
    - Thanks to our beach-marshalls Chris and Yves for keeping everything under control!
    - Thanks to Nina and Swen for pics and videos!
    - Thanks to Tiznit Association Surf and Camino Surf for the organization and last but not least:

    - Thanks to all the surfers and
    - Thanks to the Ocean for the waves and the fun provided

    Finally, the official statement:


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